The main reason I use WordPress because its easy for my clients to learn to update their website.  On top of that the WordPress community is growing every year and there are so many resources out there for novice to the most advanced developer.

The best resource for me to continue my WordPress education is WordCamp.  WordCamp is a conference presented mostly by WordPress developers that covers everything to do with WordPress.  The best thing about WordCamp is no matter where you live there is one within your area.  For me the closest is WordCamp Toronto.  When I go I meet a wide variety of users from the blogger who wants to setup a WordPress website, the entrepreneur who wants to learn more about their website to the advanced developer looking to create plugins and themes.

If you are not sure what is available visit WordCamp Central for a current schedule.

WordCamp US

The largest WordCamp in North America is WordCamp US which is presented in a different location each year.  On their website you can register to watch a livestream of the presentations.  A great way to join if you can’t attend!  Their website is:

WordCamp Videos

In Toronto there are a number of presentations occurring simultaneously and sometimes its difficult to choose which ones to attend.  The organizers of the conference choose to videotape a number of the presentations and post them online at WordCamp TV so you can go back and revisit presentations that you were in or view a presentation that you’ve missed.

You can find the 2017 WordCamp Toronto’s videos here.

And the 2017 WordCamp US has videos listed on also.

I highly recommend visiting your local WordCamp no matter what your level of expertise is.   You will learn something that will help you make your website better.